Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If I am a citizen of one country, but am a resident in another, which should I specify in my application?  Would it be beneficial to denote one country over another?

Applications are evaluated according to qualifications and academic background, not on nationality.  We look to see if a candidate meets the requirements described in the ELP announcement and do not discriminate based on nationality or country of origin within the Northeast Asia region, United States, and Canada.  Please feel free to provide information regarding all of your citizenship and residency statuses.

What type of recommendation letters is NEAEF looking for in my ELP application?

Both academic and professional recommendations, as appropriate, are acceptable.  Personal references, such as those from a friend, are will not be accepted.

Do my letters of recommendation have to be sent in at the same time that I send my application materials?

No.  Your recommenders may send their recommendation letters directly to our office.  They should be received no later than one week following the application deadline.

How should my recommendation letters be sent?

Please ask your recommenders to email their letters as an attachment to:

Please ask that they use the subject line and document naming convention as provided in the Fellowship Announcement.

Do you accept more than two letters of recommendation?

No.  We will only accept two letters of recommendation.

How many Fellows are accepted into the ELP?

Each year, the ELP accepts between 20 and 30 individuals into the program.

How long should my cover letter be?

Please limit your cover letter to one page, single-spaced.

If I already have prior commitments and am unable to stay for the entire duration of the program (need to arrive late or leave early), may I still apply to ELP?

Fellows are required to attend all sessions and activities for the entire duration of the program.  Fellows who are accepted into the program formally agree to be present each day.  Arriving late or leaving early is not possible and no exceptions will be made.