19th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2010.8.26 NEAEF 2010 Conference Agenda
2010.8.26 Elbegdorj Tsakhia Remarks by His Excellency, the President of Mongolia
2010.8.26 Park Kwan-Yong Congratulatory remarks
2010.8.26 Nicholas Hill Remarks
2010.8.26 Temuulen Ganzorig Strategically Significant Mineral Deposits of Mongolia
2010.8.26 Pavel Minakir Russian Far East's Mineral Sector and its Interconnections with Northeast Asia
2010.8.26 Vincent Spera Session 1 comments
2010.8.26 John Tichotsky Session 1 comments
2010.8.26 Iinuma Yoshiki A Sustainable Green Energy Future: The Case of Japan
2010.8.26 Wang Min-Ho Korea's Energy Efficiency Policies for Green Growth
2010.8.26 Akamatsu Shuichi Greener Growth Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2010.8.26 Wang Weiping & Zhang Jianping Climate Change, Low Carbon Economy and New Energy Development
2010.8.26 Yondongombo Gendensuren Electricity Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2010.8.26 John Tichotsky New Directions for Northeast Asia Energy
2010.8.26 Uchida Mitsuho Session 2 comments
2010.8.26 Lee Ki-Woo Busan City's Strategies and Cooperation in Logistics
2010.8.26 Ganbat Chuluunkhuu Mongolia: Building a Sustainable Economic Growth Through Downstream Industries and Infrastructure
2010.8.26 Inoue Satoshi Towards the Integrated Logistics System for East Asia
2010.8.26 Tagir Khuziyatov Multilateral Cooperation in Transport and Logistics in Northeast Asia: quo vadis?
2010.8.26 Yang Zhongqiang Speech Delivered by Mr. Yang Zhongqiang, Vice-Chairman of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone in 19th Northeast Economic Forum (Chinese version available, email admin)
2010.8.26 Liu Binglian Session 3 comments
2010.8.27 Lee Jai Min Korea Eximbank's Financial Cooperation for Northeast Asia
2010.8.27 Qi Antian China Development Bank Presentation
2010.8.27 Funada Yutaka Financing for Projects in the North East Asian Region
2010.8.27 Bold Magvan Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2010.8.27 Du Qiang Enhancing Financial Cooperation and Promoting Regional Development in Northeast Asia (Chinese version available, please email admin)
2010.8.27 Ganbold Baasanjav Mongolia's Cross-Border Economic Cooperation: Legal Perspective vs. Logistic Development
2010.8.27 Zhang Jianping Cross-border Cooperative Energy Project within Northeast Asian Countries and the Financing Approaches
2010.8.27 Yamada Mitsuo Economic Interdependence and Production of Multinational Firms: Input/Output Analysis