10h Energy Working Group Meeting

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Date Author Title
2010.3.21-23 NEAEF Agenda and List of Participants
2010.3.22 Kyung Hwan Toh Korea's Energy Efficiency Strategies Download PDF
2010.3.23   Challenges in Achieving a Low-Carbon Future
2010.3.23 Abbas Akhil Issues in Integration of Renewables in Island and Regional Electric Grids Download PDF
2010.3.23 Colton Ching Clean Energy Strategies for Hawaiian Electric
2010.3.21-23 Mitsuho Uchida Building a Low-Carbon Future: Challenges and Opportunities Download PDF
2010.3 Iinuma 6th Energy Experts Meeting Download PDF
2010.3.22 Kyung Sool Kim Korean Energy Market and Low Carbon Issues Download PDF
2010.3.22-23 Pavel Minakir Preparing to Decrease Carbon Emission: Russia
2010.3 Myong-ho Park KNOC’s Strategy and RD&D Projectsfor a Low-Carbon Future  
2010.3 Shen Longhai To accelerate transition to a low-carbon economy and society, To follow the path of sustainable development of economy and society in China
2010.3.22 YasuoTanabe Challenges in Achieving a Low-Carbon Future:Japan’s Perspective Download PDF
2010.3.21 John Tichotsky The Devil’s Advocate: What if Renewable Energies are not the Solution? Download PDF
2010.3 Jianping Zhang Chinese Energy Market and Utilization of Low Carbon Renewable Energies Download PDF