11h Energy Working Group Meeting

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Date Author Title
2011.4.13-15 NEAEF Agenda and List of Participants
2011.4.13-15 NEAEF Summery Report Download PDF
2011.2.17   Japan – United States, Smart Grid Demonstration Project
2011 Leon Roose, Marc Matsuura Japan – United States, Island Smart Grid Demonstration Project Download PDF
Ganbold Baasanjav 
Mongolia’s Renewable Energy Development and International cooperation  
2011.4.14&15 Yoshiki Iinuma Efficient Energy System for Green Economy Download PDF
2011.4.13 Jay Griffin Overview on Hawaii-Okinawa Initiative and Smart Grid Demonstration Projects in Hawaii  
2011.4 Olga Demina  Achieving Energy Efficiency in Russia
2011.4.14 Terry Surles Aspects of US Energy Policy: A Biased Primer Download PDF
2011.4.15 Terry Surles Perspectives on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Futures
2011.4 Mitsuho Uchida Electricity is the Key Energy for Low Carbon Future Download PDF
2011.4.14 Jiyao BI China’s Efforts to Develop New Energy Download PDF
2011.4 Hawaiian Electric Company Biofuels for Power Generation: A Success Story Download PDF
2011.4.14 Dexter Suzuki Challenges in Achieving Energy Efficiency  
2011.4. 14 Kim Kyung Korea’s Green Growth Policy  
2011.4.15 Kim Kyung Challengies and Solutions for Integrating Renewable Energies(RES) into Energy Markets and the Asia Pacific Region  
2011.4. 14 Kim Kyung Japan’s Nuclear Emergency - Update - Download PDF
2011.4 Yasuo Tanabe Japan’s Strategic Energy Plan  
2011.4 Yasuo Tanabe Hitachi