6th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
1996.1.18   Complete Download -- Book Version  
1996.1.18   Cover Matter
1996.1.18   Table of Contents
1996.1.18   Agenda and List of Participants
1996.1.18 Lee-Jay Cho Foreword
1996.1.18 Kenji Sumida Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Lee-Jay Cho Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Benjamin Cayetano Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Ikuo Hirayama Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Isao Takeuchi Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Victor Ishaev Opening Remarks
1996.1.18 Sandra Kristoff Keynote Remarks
1996.1.18 Hisao Kanamori Cooperative Economic Development in Northeast Asia
1996.1.18 Tetsuya Endo Japan's Perspective on Regional Economic Development in Northeast Asia
1996.1.18 Georgi Toloraya A Russian Perspective of Northeast Asia Cooperation
1996.1.18 Kenneth Balick Prospects for Economic Development and Growth in Northeast Asia: A View from Wall Street
1996.1.18 Soogil Young Economic Integration in Northeast Asia: A South Korea Perspective
1996.1.18 Khumbagyn Olzvoy A Mongolian's View of Economic Development and Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1996.1.18 U. Barsbold The Economic Climate and Business Opportunities in Mongolia
1996.1.18 Victor Ishaev The Economic Climate and Business Prospects in the Russian Far East
1996.1.18 Pavel Minakir The Russian Far East Economy: Present Situation and Potential for Development
1996.1.18 Kim Mun Song The Rajin-Sonbong Free Economic and Trade Zone ad the Policy of the DPRK
1996.1.18 Michael Underdown A New Direction for the Tumen River Area Development Programme
1996.1.18 Wang Yusheng The Tumen River Area Development Programme and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1996.1.19 Jung Jay Joh The Port Development Strategy of South Korea
1996.1.19 Kim Mun Song Development of Infrastructure as a Top Priority of Regional Cooperation
1996.1.19 Ken Asakura Pre-Feasibility Study of the Trans-Korean Peninsula Pipeline
1996.1.19 Meheroo Jussawalla Telecommunications Development and Economic Growth in Northeast Asia
1996.1.19 S. Stanley Katz A Northeast Asian Development Bank
1996.1.19 Park Sung Sang Banking Services for the Tumen River Area Development Programme
1996.1.19 Kim Mun Song Integrated Development of Infrastructure and the Rational Use of Funds in Developing the Tumen River Area
1996.1.19 Li Hao Development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
1996.1.19 Hiroyuki Shimatani Special Economic Zones in the Tumen River Area
1996.1.19   Concluding Statements
1996.1.19   The Hawaii Aloha Resolution