4th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
1993.09.26   Table of Contents, List of Contributors, and Foreword
1993.09.26   Conference Agenda Download PDF
1993.09.26 Sung Sang Park, Lee-Jay Cho, Jong-Han Hahm, et al. Opening Remarks Download PDF
1993.09.26 Won-Shik Chung Toward a Sharing Community: Multilateral Economic Cooperation Prospects in Northeast Asia Download PDF
1993.09.26 Hisao Kanamori The Future of the Northeast Asian Economy Download PDF
1993.09.27 Burnham O. Campbell Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia: An Overview of the Case for a Northeast Asian Development Bank Download PDF
1993.09.27 Hiroshi Kakazu Possible Organizational Structure and Funding Sources of a Northeast Asian Development Bank Download PDF
1993.09.27 Mark J. Valencia Regional Transportation and Communication in Northeast Asia: A Summary
1993.09.27 Sergey Leonov The Development of Transporation Infrastructure in the Russian Far East
1993.09.27 Il-Soo Jun Transportation and Communication Development in Northeast Asia and Korea's Future as a Regional Hub
1993.09.27 Won Bae Kim Managing Labor Migration in Northeast Asia
1993.09.27 Andrei G. Admidin Foreign Labor Force in the Russian Far East: The Case of Khabarovsk Territory
1993.09.27 Shengjin Wang and Jingchun An Possibility of Labor Service Cooperation Between Northeast China and Other Countries
1993.09.27 Young-Bum Park Foreign Labor Issues in South Korea with Special Reference to Joint Utilization of Labor
1993.09.28 Shicheng Ding The Tumen River Area Development Programme: An Introduction
1993.09.28 John J. Whalen Status of the Tumen River Area Development Programme: Progress, Accomplishment, and Remaining Tasks
1993.09.28 Khumbagyn Olzvoy Political and Economic Aspects of Mongolia's Transition into a Market Economy
1993.09.28 Pavel A. Minakir Russian Far East Development Scheme: Agenda and Possible Future
1993.09.28 Ma Bin A Solid Proposal: Two Great Engineering Projects for Cooperation
1993.09.28 Ping Du The Long-Term Program in Regional Economic Development of Northeast China
1993.09.28 Hwa Seob Kim The Role of Provincial Governments in Regional Economic Cooperation
1993.09.28 Takeo Touma For Closer Regional and District-Based Cooperation and Unified Effort
1993.09.28 Jin Hwan Chun The Role of Private Sector in Tumen River Development
1993.09.28 Duck Woo Nam Closing Remarks
1993.09.28   The Yongpyeong Statement