1st Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
1991.8.29   Agenda
1991.8.29 Ding Shicheng Development of the Tumen River and its Effect
1991.8.29 Pavel Minakir Economic Cooperation in the New World: The Soviet Far East
1991.8.29 S. Stanley Katz Asia's Regional Integration: Lessons from Eastern Europe
1991.8.29 Zenkichi Wada Summary of Regional Infrastructure: Ports and Harbors
1991.8.29 Won Ki Kwon Technological Cooperation in Northeast Asia's Development
1991.8.29 Rafiq Aliev Northeast Asia's Emerging Economic Role and the Soviet Union's Response
1991.8.30 Mark J. Valencia Cooperation in Managing the Sea of Japan's Resources
1991.8.30 Tsuneo Akaha Fisheries and Regional Cooperation in the Sea of Japan
1991.8.30 Arkady V. Alekseev Cooperation in Marine Scientific Research in the East Asian Seas
1991.8.30 Burnham O. Campbell The Potential for Economic Integration in Northeast Asia
1991.8.30 Won Bae Kim Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia: a Spatial Perspective
1991.8.30 Shi Min Northeast Asia's Economic Development and the Trend Toward Regionalism
1991.8.31   Conclusion
1991.8.31   The Changchun Initiative