16th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2007.10.25   Agenda
2007.10.25 Motoyuki Suzuki Partnership toward Sustainability
2007.10.25 Ryo Fujikura Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development as Common Agenda in the Northeastern Asia
2007.10.25 Tsutomu Kasahara Alleviating Environmental Load by Compact Town Planning
2007.10.25 Qian Yi Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in China
[Presentation Available]
2007.10.25 Heung-Jin Choi Building Partnerships for Environmental Protection in Northeast Asia  
2007.10.25 Hiroaki Sono Environmental Protection Activities of Hokuriku Electric Power Company
2007.10.25 Ganbold Baasanjav Policy and Challenges on Environment in Mongolia
2007.10.26 Shen Longhai Promoting Promoting EPC Mechanism and Strengthening Northeast Asian Energy Conservation Cooperation
2007.10.26 Kyung-Hwan Toh Korea's New National Strategy for Addressing Climate Change  
2007.10.26 Shimpei Kojima Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2007.10.26 Shigeru Sudo Significance of energy saving in energy security in North East Asia
2007.10.26 Zhang Jianping The Situation and Trend of Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction in Some of China's Inland Provinces
2007.10.26 Yasuo Tanabe Prospects for NE Asia Energy Cooperation, in Particular on Energy Efficiency
2007.10.26 Vladimir Kuchuk Place of Eastern Russia in integration processes in Northeast Asia
2007.10.26 John Tichotsky Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Conservation, Efficiency, Sustainability
2007.10.26 Katsumi Kuruba Energy Research and Development Centralization Plan  
2007.10.26 Hideo Kayahara Area of Northeast Asia
2007.10.26 Jung-Ook Lee Regional Port Cooperation for Supply Chain Integration
2007.10.26 Masato Shinohara Japan and Logistics in the Northeast Asia
2007.10.26 Norio Sasaki Task Force for Reinforcing International Logistics in Hokuriku Region
2007.10.26 Koki Nagata Commentary: Transportation and Logistics Session
2007.10.26 Batbold Zagdragchaa Commentary: Transportation and Logistics Session
2007.10.26 Motyuki Suzuki Summary: Energy Session
2007.10.26   Joint Statement of the Fourth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Establishment of the Bank for Northeast Asia Cooperation and Development
2007.10.26   The Hokuriku Initiative [Japanese]
2007.10.26   The Hokuriku Initiative [English]