20th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title Download
2011.8.8 NEAEF 2011 Conference Agenda Download PDF
2011.8.8 Scott Shemwell Keynote Speech Download PDF
2011.8.8 Yamazawa Ippei Trans-Pacific Partnership: Priority Issue of the APEC 2011 Honolulu Download PDF
2011.8.8 Lee Chang Jae Prospects for a China-Japan-Korea FTA: Light at the End of the Tunnel Download PDF
Download PDF
2011.8.8 Wang Cungie Session1 comments  
2011.8.8 Robert Alm Hawaiian Electric and Hawai'i’s Energy Future Download PDF
2011.8.8 Oh Jin-Gyu Policy for Green Growth in Korea  
2011.8.8 Minami Ryo Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Accident and Efforts towards Reconstruction  
2011.8.8 Tanabe Yasuo Japan’s Green Growth Policies and Hitachi’s Contribution  
2011.8.8 Inuma Yoshiki Sustainable Energy System for a Low Carbon Economy Download PDF
2011.8.8 Kanekiyo Kensuke Session2 comment Download PDF
2011.8.9 Maeda Tadashi Financing Infrastructure Development in Northeast Asia Download PDF
2011.8.9 Lee Jai Min Financing Development Project in Northeast Asia  
2011.8.9 Inoue Satoshi Towards the Integrated Regional Logistic System Download PDF
2011.8.9 Pavel Minakir Cross-border Infrastructure Development Download PDF
2011.8.9 Zhang Xiaoyan The Establishment of Northeast Asia Bank Download PDF
2011.8.9 Ganbold Baasanjay Session 3 comment Download PDF
2011.8.9 Andrew Mason Low Fertility and Aging Society Download PDF
2011.8.9 Ogawa Naohiro Declining Fertility and the Rising Costs of Children and the Elderly in Japan and Other East Asian Countries  
2011.8.9 Cho Nam-Hoon Policy Responses to Low Fertility and Population Aging in Korea Download PDF
2011.8.9 Xiao Zhenyu The Study on Regional Longevity in the Context of Population Aging in China Download PDF
    Declarations Download PDF