3rd Young Leaders Training and Research Program in International Cooperation

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Date Author Title Download
2008.10.15 Dr. Chen Zongsheng Tianjin's Development and Current Situation Download PDF
2008.10.15 Dr. Tong Jiadong China's Development in the Past 30 Years Download PDF
2008.10.15 Dr. Liu Chang China: Past and Current - On Traditional Culture Resumption  
2008.10.16 Dr. Hwang Ki-Sik Towards New Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia;  Lessons from the Franco-German Coalition Download PDF
2008.10.17 Dr. Moon Chang Jin Policy Responses to Low Fertility and Rapid Aging in Korea Download PDF
Download PDF
2008.10.17 Dr. Guan Xinping China's Social Welfare: A Demography & Social Policy Analysis Download PDF
2008.10.17 Dr. Li Jianmin & Dr. Yuan Xin China’s Policy on Population and Development Download PDF
2008.10.20 Dr. ShimizuYoshinori The Cause and the Cure of the Current U.S. Financial Crisis Download PDF
Download PDF
2008.10.24 Dr. Sergey Sevastyanov International Trade and Economic Policy of Northeast Asia: The Role and Interests of Russia Download PDF
2008.10.24 Dr. John Tichotsky Economic Approach to Current Energy Issues  
2008.10.24 Mr. Steve Cowper Energy: A Changing Fuel Dynamic Download PDF
2008.10.24 Dr. Pak Yong-Duk Toward Northeast Asia Cooperation for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change through the Korean Case Download PDF
2008.10.24 Ms. Yulia Krivodubova Russia's Energy Policy and Cooperation with Northeast Asian Countries Download PDF
Download PDF
2008.10.14 NEAEF Young Leaders Program Agenda Download PDF