5th Young Leaders Training and Research Program in International Cooperation (19th NEAEF)

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Date Author Title
2010.8.24-29 NEAEF Agenda and List of Participants
2010.8 Eric I. Im and Sunil Malla Climate Change, Sustainable Energy Development and Low Carbon Economy: Towards Green Growth in NEA and the USA  
2010.8.23 Regsuren Bat-Erdene Trends in Asia and the Pacific Higher Education Arena
2010.8 Brelsford Ginna The Problem of Global Poverty
2010.7 National Development and Innovation Committee Sainshand Industrial Complex Task Force Team Mongolia: building a sustainable economic growth through downstream industries and infrastructure Download PDF
2010.8.23 Danzan Narantuya Internal Migration in Mongolia
2010 Charpentier Robin Day 2 - History  
2010   Area Group China
2010.8.18 Area Group Mongolia Hello! Mongolia Mongol in Mongolia
2010 Aaron, Si Yong, and Sae, Khatanbold Area Group Russia
2010.8.18 Namuun Batnavch, Yangfan Xu, Jaime Kelly Area Group Korea
2010 Baska Yu, Seul Ki, Yegor Han Area Group USA
2010 Neal Detert Infrastructure for Asian Development and Integration
2010 Yoshiki Iinuma Electrification for a Low Carbon Society Download PDF
2010 Gaku Inoue Provision of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure
2010.8.14-29 Satoshi Inoue Challenges of the World’s Ports in the Globalization Era
2010 Jaime Kelly  Beijing, “Only for the Elite Who Influence the World” Download PDF
2010 Nils Andeassen, Xu Xiujun Keynote Speech: Nakayama Taro Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan  
2010 Tagir Khuziyatov Trade Protectionism vs Trade Liberalization in the Northeast Asia
2010.8.24 Komissarova Valeriya Integration of the Far East of Russia into transport network of NEA
2010 Lee Sam Sik Low Fertility and Policy in Korea
2010.8.14-29 Lee Si-Young Economic Cooperation with Mongolia of North East Asia Countries
2010 Nara Luvsandagva Strong Economy: Healthy Workforce
2010.8.25 Yu Nagatomi Utilization of Nuclear Power Plants comparison with other countries -Brief Implications for Japan-
2010 Domnich Yegor CROSSBORDER
2010 Sae Shimauchi Language as medium of instruction on Higher Education in Northeast Asia
2010. 8.20 Takanobu Jono Resource Use, Society and Growth
2010.8 John Tichotsky Some thoughts for Northeast Asia’s Young Leaders  
2010 Baasanjav.Ts International Cooperation in Education Quality Assurance and Research: Role of Regional Organizations and Universities
2010.8.25 Mitsuho Uchida Fuel Choice in Power Generation for a Low-Carbon Future
2010 Ying Wang The Natural Resource Curse
2010 Corrie Whitmore The Cost of Fetal Alcohol Exposure in Alaska and the United States
2010 Stephen Wilson National Guard State Partnership Programs (SPP)
2010 Takashi Yamamoto Dominant Conversations in Five Stages in Life
2010 Jianping Zhang Chinese Energy Market and Utilization of Low Carbon Renewable Energies