6th Young Leaders Training and Research Program in International Cooperation (20th NEAEF)

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Date Author Title
2011.7.27-8.10 NEAEF Agenda and List of Participants
2011.8.2 Jina Yeo The Cross-Straits ECFA and its Implications for the Korean Economy
2011. 7 Kanae Tokunaga Hawai‘i’s Energy Policy and role of Biofuels
2011.6.30 Ichiroh Daitoh External Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth in an FTA:Cases of Exogenous and Endogenous FDI Policy
2011 Yunsoo Oh, Inwook Kim, Jina Yeo, Eunjung Lim, Chonghyun Kim Area Group Mongolia  
2011 Robert D. Retherford Japan’s Baby Bust:Causes, Implications, and Policy Responses
2011 Satoshi Inoue AChallenges of the World’s Ports and Project Financing  
2011 Mitsuho Uchida Session 7 : Energy and Environment
2011 Ming Liu Financial Cooperation and the Northeast Asia
2011 Eunjung Lim Current Issues in South Korean Nuclear Power
2011.8.6 Zhang Jianping A few issues on Establishing the Northeast Asia Bank for Cooperation and Development 
2011 Xu Liu Russia’s Energy Policy in the Far East and East Siberia 
2011.8.1 Olga DEMINA Russian energy policy in North-East Asia: prospects for energy exports to NEA countries
2011.8.6 Scott M. Shemwell A User’s Guide to Policy Implementation:Perspective of the Author  
2011.8.1 Kenji Sumida Alternative Energy Hawaii's Experience
2011.7 Demina Olga, Makarova Inna, Novitckii Aleksei, Potanin Mikhail Republic of Korea
2011.7 Aleksei Novitckii, Christa Chavez, Inna Makarova, Mikhail Potanin, Olga Demina, Tenzin  Energy and Environment  
2011.8.1 Sang-Hyop Lee Population Dynamics: Its Economic and Social Implications