12h Energy Working Group Meeting

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Date Author Title
2012.3.18-20 NEAEF Agenda and List of Participants
2011.5 Ministry of Knowledge Economy Republic of Korea Energy & Industry Policy for Green Growth  
2012.3.19 Shiro Hori Objec&ves of Energy System Over the Next 10‐20 Years
in Japan.
2012.3.21   Blue Planet Foundation  
2012.3.19 Richard Rocheleau Overview of US Energy Policy
2012.3.12 & 20 Yoshiki Iinuma Electricity Outlook in Japan after Fukushima
2012.3.19 Terry Surles Comments on US Energy Policy: A Biased Primer Download PDF
2012.3 Yasuo Tanabe Hitachi’s Smart City  
2012.3.20 Hawaiian ELectric Company Challenges and Solutions for Low Carbon Future
2012.3.20 Terry Surles Overview of Energy Technologies and Policies: Thoughts on Challenges and Solutions  
2012.3.20 Mitsuho Uchida Electricity is Key to a Sustainable and competitive Future