9th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
1999.10.26   Agenda
1999.10.26   Table of Contents
1999.10.26   Background Information of Speakers
1999.10.28   The Tianjin Statement
1999.10.26   Opening Ceremonies (Remarks and Addresses)
1999.10.26 Zhang Lichang Keynote Address: Tianjin's Role in Northeast Asian Economic Development
1999.10.26 Hisao Kanamori Keynote Address: Technology Transfer and Asia's Economic Revolution
1999.10.26 Yunjong Wang Developing and Linking National Financial Infrastructure
1999.10.26 Wu Jinghua Developing an Economic Center for Northeast Asia
1999.10.26 Georgi Toloraya Prospects for Regional Economic Cooperation
1999.10.26 Zou Yong Issues of International Cooperation among the Region’s Economies
1999.10.26 Natalya A. Lysova The Economy and Development Prospects of the Russian Far East
1999.10.26 Il-Soo Jun Toward Efficient and Sustainable Development of Transportation Systems in Northeast Asia
1999.10.26 Hideo Kayahara Transportation Networks in Northeast Asia and Japan’s Trading Activities
1999.10.26 A. Togosbold Mongolia’s Transport Sector: Cooperation with Northeast Asian Countries
1999.10.26 Yaroslav Semenikh The Transport System of the Russian Far East: Contemporary Possibilities and Problems
1999.10.26 Zhou Lianyou Establishing a Multinational Transport-Hub Network in Northeast Asia: Concept and Measures
1999.10.26 Joseph H. Borich The East by West Corridor Project
1999.10.26 Richard L. Collins Commentary on Northeast Asian Transportation Systems
1999.10.27 Jiang Zai Huan China and Tumen Area Cooperation
1999.10.27 Kim Si Jin The DPRK and Tumen Area Cooperation
1999.10.27 Tsegmid Sukhbaatar Mongolia and Tumen Area Cooperation
1999.10.27 Rak-Yong Uhm The Republic of Korea and Tumen Area Cooperation
1999.10.27 Sergey Patrikeev Russia and Tumen Area Cooperation
1999.10.27 Susumu Yoshida Issues for the Tumen River Area Development Programme
1999.10.27 Geoffrey Wright Facilitating Investment in the Tumen Region
1999.10.27 Yu Fei Regional Cooperation in Protection of the Environment
1999.10.27 David Husband The Case for a New Financing Agency in Northeast Asia
1999.10.27 Taro Nakayama Energy Supply and Demand
1999.10.27 Mohammad Farhandi Key Issues for the Supply and Use of Natural Gas in Northeast Asia
1999.10.27 Shi Yubo The Electric Power Industry and Energy in China
1999.10.27 Zhu Binggang Supply and Use of Energy Resources in China
1999.10.27 Vladimir I. Ivanov The Siberian–Northeast Asian Gas Pipeline Network: Major Problems To Solve, Hard Choices To Make
1999.10.27 Jong-Sool Kim Natural Gas Utilization in the Republic of Korea
1999.10.27 Bold Badral Supply and Use of Energy Resources in Mongolia
1999.10.27 Tsutomu Toichi Energy Issues in Northeast Asia and Regional Cooperation
1999.10.28 Vladimir I. Ivanov Summary by the Session Chair
1999.10.28 Koichi Murakami Toyama Prefecture’s Promotion of Environmental Cooperation
1999.10.28 Charles J. Johnson Critical Role for Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1999.10.28 Shigeki Takeda Dalian Environmental Demonstration Zone Project
1999.10.28 Xing Zhengyang The Economy, Energy, and the Environment in Tianjin’s Development
1999.10.28 Mark J. Valencia Comments on Energy and Environment Papers
1999.10.28 S. Stanley Katz The Role of a Northeast Asian Development Bank in Northeast Asia’s Future Development
1999.10.28 Kazuhisa Marukawa Infrastructure Development and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation
1999.10.28 Randolph N. Earman, Jr. Promoting Financial Resource Mobilization for Infrastructure Development through Public-Private Partnerships
1999.10.28 Li Fu’an Modern Financial Services and the Growth of the Region’s Economies
1999.10.28 Keith Chiddy Mobilization of Capital for Infrastructure Development
1999.10.28 Hao Xiaoyuan Tianjin’s Financial Sector and Economic Development
1999.10.28 Tzong-shian Yu From Dream to Reality: Spurring the Development of Northeast Asia
1999.10.28 Liu Dan Building a Northeast Asian Telecommunications Network
1999.10.28 Lin Sun Northeast Asian Telecom Development: Key Issues
1999.10.28 Sergei N. Leonov Current State of Telecommunications in the Russian Far East and Prospects for Their Development
1999.10.28 Yu Xuelin Creating a Communications Center in Tianjin To Promote International Relations and Cooperation
1999.10.28 Yoon Hyung Kim Restructuring the Northeast Asian Electricity Industry in a Globalizing World
1999.10.28 Oliver Yu Restructuring the Electric Power Industry: A Global Overview and Implications for Northeast Asia
1999.10.28 Jiang Shaojun Major Reforms and Strategic Concepts of China’s State Power Company
1999.10.28 Oliver Yu Restructuring Taiwan’s Electric Power Industry
1999.10.28 Hisatake Narita Structural Reform in the Japanese Electricity Industry
1999.10.28 Young-Chang Kim Restructuring the Electricity Supply Industry in the Republic of Korea
1999.10.28 Victor D. Kalashnikov Electricity in the Russian Far East: Status and Opportunities for Cooperation in Northeast Asia