8h Energy Working Group Meeting

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Date Author Title
2008.3.19   Agenda and List of Participants
2008.3.20 Jung Sung Park Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Sustainability: the Role of the Market in Korea
2008.3.20 Longhai Shen Strengthening energy conservation, Improving energy efficiency, and Coping with climate change
2008.3.20 John Tichotsky Is Convergence of Prices, Policy, and Investment Possible for Northeast Asia?
2008.3.20 Yasuo Tanabe Technology Transfer in Energy Efficiency: Benefits and Challenges
2008.3.20 Jianping Zhang Cross-border Cooperative Energy Resources Projects within Northeast Asian Countries
2008.3.20 Sumner La Croix Energy Markets in Northeast Asia: Efficiency and Linkages  
2008.3.20 Kieun Shim Trade Patterns of Petrolleum Products in Northeast Asia
2008.3.20 Elena Shadrina Russia's Northeast Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy
2008.3.21 Tadashi Maeda Regional Cross-national Cooperation in Energy and Resources in Northeast Asia
2008.3.21 Mitsuho Uchida Towards a Northeast Asian Energy Partnership