3rd Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
1992.08.25   Vladivostok Statement, Conference Agenda, and List of Participants
1992.08.25 Vladimir Kuznetsov and Lee-Jay Cho Opening Remarks
1992.08.25 Harry Oshima Northeast Asian Economies: The Social, Economic, and Political Environment of Regional Cooperation
1992.08.25 Robert Scalapino The Politics of Development and Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1992.08.25 Burnham Campbell Regional Comparative Advantage in Northeast Asia: Determinants of the Present Structure and Future Possibilities
1992.08.25 Pavel Minakir Economic Development of the Russian Far East: Plans and Reality
1992.08.25 Li Bing Research on the Regional Economic Development of Northeast C
1992.08.25 Song-Guk Choi and Myong-Sook Cho Development of the Lower Tumen River Area: North Korean Perspective
1992.08.25 Khumbagyn Olzvoy Regional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1992.08.26 Shoichi Kobayashi Free Economic Zones in the Northeast Asia Region
1992.08.26 Ding Shicheng The Conception of the Development of Tumen River Area
1992.08.26 Sueo Sekiguchi Industrial Complementarity in Northeast Asia
1992.08.26 Soo-Seong Lee Telecommunications as New Infrastructure for Regional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
8/26/92 Sang-Chuel Choe Transportation Problems and Policies in Northeast Asia
1992.08.26 Tsuneo Akaha Japanese-Russian Fishery Joint Ventures and Joint Operations in the Sea of Okhotsk
1992.08.26 Arkady V. Alekseev and V.I. Ilyichev The Environment and Problems of Development in the Far East
1992.08.26 Kong Deyong and Zhou Yuan Implementation of the Development Strategy of the Tumen River Region
1992.08.26 Hisao Kanamori Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
1992.08.26 Takeo Touma Tumen River: Strategic Center of the Japan Sea Rim
1992.08.26 In-Joung Hwang Prospects for Economic Cooperation in the Yellow Sea Rim and its Future Direction
1992.08.26 Vladimir Ivanov North Pacific Multilateral Cooperation: Concepts, Models, and Reality
1992.08.26 Bong-Suh Lee and Ma Bin Concluding Remarks
1992.08.26 Burnham Campbell, Mark Valencia, Won Bae Kim, Lee-Jay Cho Summary and Conclusion: The Social, Political, and Economic Environment for Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia