13th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2004.9.17   Agenda
2004.9.17 Lee-Jay Cho Opening Remarks  
2004.9.17 Hae-Chan Lee Keynote Address  
2004.9.17 Charles Morrison Congratulatory Remarks  
2004.9.17 Victor Ishaev Special Message  
2004.9.17 Jiang Zhenghua Keynote Address  
2004.9.17 蒋正华 深化睦邻互信,促进东北亚各国共同发展  
2004.9.17 Yasuo Sawai New Evolution Of Research On A Grand Design For Northeast Asia
2004.9.17 Mohammad Farhandi A Strategic Approach to Meeting Regional Investment Needs
2004.9.17 Won-Suh Choo Development Financing in Northeast Asia: Demand Estimates and Suggestion
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.17 花田麿公 北東アジアの経済統合への流れ
2004.9.17 Marohito Hanada Comments: The Economic Integration of Northeast Asia
2004.9.17 Oh-Seok Hyun Comments on Grand Design
2004.9.17 Kohei Nakanishi JBIC for The Grand Design and Northeast Asia’s Investment Needs
2004.9.17 Won-Bae Kim Four Models of Regional Development in Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.17 Zhang Yuyuan Comments on the “New Evolution of Research on a Grand Design for Northeast Asia”
2004.9.17 王述祖 在第十三届东北亚经济论坛会议上的演讲
2004.9.17 Wang Shuzu Tianjin as a Logistics and Development Finance Center
2004.9.17 Robert Priddle Issues And Opportunities For The Northeast Asia Energy Community
2004.9.17 Kyung-Hwan Toh Energy Challenges in Northeast Asia and Future Directions
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.17 Norio Ehara IEA View on the Regional Energy Co-operation in Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.17 Vladimir Ivanov Russia and Cooperation with the APR States in the Field of Energy
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.17 Kent Calder Northeast Asia’s Energy Future and the Global Political Economy
2004.9.18 Mitsuho Uchida Towards a Northeast Asian Energy Partnership
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Tae-Sung Kim Prospect of Transport Market Integration in Northeast Asia
2004.9.18 Chen Hong The Prospects for Logistical Cooperation in Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Hideo Kayahara The Meanings of the Northeast Asia Transportation Corridors: Economic Growth and Transportion Infrastructures
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Pavel Minakir Transport Of The Russian Far East As A Part Of Northeast Asia Regional Transportation System
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Tsogtsaikham Gombo Integrated Transport And Logistics System For Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Yang-Soo Yoon Tourism Cooperation in Northeast Asia on changing environment and Korea's responses
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Noboyuki Sekiyama Toward A Northeast Asian Tourism Development Community
2004.9.18 Нобуюки Секияма К Сообществу по Разбитию Туризма в Северо-Восточной Азии
2004.9.18 Li Zhuyuan
Working Together To Build A Tourist Ring Of Cooperation In Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Ли Жуюань Совместная Работа по Созданию Туристского Кольца Сотрудничества в Северо-восточной Азии
2004.9.18 Alexander Nikulin Towards Fruitful Cooperation In Tourism Development In Northeast Asia
2004.9.18 Александр Никулин К Плодотворному Сотрудничеству в Разбитии Туризма в Северо-восточной Азии
2004.9.18 Ganbold Baasanjav Tourism Strategy for Northeast Asia
2004.9.18 Kenji Sumida Towards a Northeast Asian Tourism Community
2004.9.18 Justin Yue What The Doctor Prescribes For Launching And Sustaining A Viable E-Trade Initiative For The 13th Northeast Economic Forum?
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Zhang Nianlu The Development of e-Commerce in China
[Presentation Available]
2004.9.18 Kenji Itoh Challenges in Implementing Trade Facilitation & e-Business over the Internet
[Presentation Avaiable]
2004.9.18 Dong-Oh Shin Commentary on e-Trade Session
2004.9.18 Seok-Young Choi APEC and Paperless Trading  
2004.9.18   The Seoul Declaration