15th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2006.9.5   Agenda
2006.9.5 Lee Jay Cho Opening Remarks
2006.9.5 Kwan-Yong Park Opening Remarks
2006.9.5 박관용 축사
2006.9.5 Wang Shuzu Address On The Opening Ceremony of The Northeast Asia Economic Forum
2006.9.5 王述祖 在东北亚经济论坛开幕式上的致辞
2006.9.5 Taro Nakayama Welcoming Remarks (delivered by Yasuo Sawai)
2006.9.5 김정국 축사
2006.9.5 Victor Ishaev Keynote Address: Eastern Vector of Russia’s Energy Policies
2006.9.5 Alexey Kontorovich Russia’s oil and gas sector strategy and its prospects in North East Asia markets
2006.9.5 Zhang Jianping China-Russia Energy Trade and Cooperation
2006.9.5 Kensuke Kanekiyo Regional Energy Trade and The Refining Industry in Northeast Asia [Presentation Available]
2006.9.5 Shen Longhai Continue to Prioritize Energy Conservation and Strengthen China-Russia Energy Efficiency Cooperation
2006.9.5 沈龙海 坚持节能优先,加强中俄能源开发和节约的合作
2006.9.5 Gue Jae Jeong Energy Session Commentary
2006.9.5 A. G. Korzhubaev The international tendencies of energy supply and a role of Russia in stabilization of the world markets of oil and gas
2006.9.6 Hideo Kayahara Toward the Integration of the Northeast Asian Transport Market
-Report on 2006 EWC/KOTI Conference in Sapporo
2006.9.6 Shen Longhai Promoting EPC Mechanism and Strengthening Energy Conservation Cooperation in Northeast Asia
2006.9.6 张今威 滨天津海新区与东北亚亚亚一体化进程
2006.9.6 Mikhail Zaichenko Prospects for Russia in transport shipments between Northeast Asia and Europe
2006.9.6 Naoko Mori A Grand Design for Northeast Asia
2006.9.6 Koki Nagata Commentary on Transportation and Grand Design
2006.9.6 马君潞 建立东北亚银行相关问题研究
2006.9.6 Ma Junlu Research on the Establishment of Northeast Asia Bank [Presentation Available]
2006.9.6 Jaimin Lee Strategic Approach to Establishing the Northeast Asian Development Bank
2006.9.6 In-Young Kim The Establishment of the NEADB: A Political Approach
2006.9.6 王述祖 东北亚开发银行:主持词
2006.9.6 王述祖 东北亚开发银行:总结发言
2006.9.6 Vitaly Selyukov Tourism prospects for East Russia in NEA
2006.9.6 Li Zhuyuan 2008 北京奥运与东北亚区域旅游经济
2006.9.6 Li Zhuyuan 2008 Beijing Olympics and Area Tour Economy in Northeast Asia
2006.9.6 Bokeun Choi Korean Tourism Policy - Today and the Future
2006.9.6   The Khabarovsk Resolution