12th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2.ii.2004   Agenda
2.ii.2004 Lee Jay Cho Opening Remarks
2.ii.2004 Song Jian Keynote Address: Cooperation for Common Development
2.ii.2004 S. Stanley Katz Development Finance for Northeast Asia
2.ii.2004 Taro Nakayama Comments on Grand Design
2.ii.2004 Jaw-Yann Twu
[Figure Available]
2.ii.2004 Jai Woo Lee A Korean Perspective on the Design for the proposed NEADB
[Presentation Available]
3.ii.2004 Masaru Hirata Strategy For Natural Gas Trunkline Development
3.ii.2004 Ki Joong Kim Prospects for Multilateral Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia
[Presentation Available]
3.ii.2004 Robert Priddle Towards an Asian Energy Community
3.ii.2004 Daojiong Zha China in Northeast Asia: the energy-security nexus
3.ii.2004 Meng-Hyun Yoon Current Status of KEDO Project and its Significance in Northeast Asia
3.ii.2004 Richard Collins Comments on Asian Energy Community
3.ii.2004 Kengo Asakura Toward an Asian Energy Community: Abstract of Comments
3.ii.2004 Xiaojie Xu Russian East-bound Pipeline Routes and Regional Geopolitics
3.ii.2004 Soo Byung Choi Country Report: Korea
3.ii.2004   Niigata Statement