10th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

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Date Author Title
2001.4.27   Agenda
2001.4.28   Changchun Confirmation
2001.4.27 Lee-Jay Cho Opening Remarks
2001.4.27 Hong Hu Welcoming Remarks
2001.4.27 Jiang Zhenghua Keynote Speech
2001.4.27 Sodovjamtsin Khurelbaatar Comments from Mongolian Representative
2001.4.27 Georgi Toloraya Comments from Representative of Russian Federation
2001.4.27 Ma Bin The Forum in the Context of Regional Cooperation
2001.4.27 Li Huali Changchun City: Role in Northeast Asian Economic Development
2001.4.27 Zhang Donghui New Progress in the Tumen Program and its Role in Northeast Asian Regional Economic Cooperation
2001.4.27 Liu Yuanjun Role of Changchun's Transportation Network in Northeast Asia
2001.4.27 Kohei Nishinomiya Commentary to Transportation Session
2001.4.27 Mark Valencia Commentary to Transportation Session
2001.4.27 Wu Jinghua Alternative Financing Strategies: A Northeast Asian Development Bank
2001.4.27 Jai Woong Lee The Role of the Private Sector in Developing Finance in Northeast Asia
2001.4.28 Kerstin Leitner International Organizations in Human Resources Development and Poverty Reduction
2001.4.28 Wang Shengjin Research Report on Human Resources Development in Notheast Asia
2001.4.28 Juro Nakagawa Building Regional Partnerships for the Development of Human Resources
2001.4.28 Andrey Admidin Commentary to Human Resources and Poverty Reduction Session
2001.4.28 Dongjin Lee Possibilities for Cooperation in Energy Issues on the Korean Peninsula
2001.4.28 Victor Kalashnikov Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Strategy of Eastern Russia
2001.4.28 Tsegmidyn Sukhbaatar Commentary to Energy Session