2014 Young Leaders Program Held in Busan, Korea

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This year's Young Leaders Program (YLP) was held in Busan, South Korea, from August 17-30, 2014. Busan is one of the largest port cities in the world serving as an important international trading hub. As such, it is fitting that Busan served as the location for established professionals, academics, and other Young Leaders from around the world to gather together, network, and exchange knowledge. The program featured rigorous and intensive workshop sessions, group projects, field trips, as well as opportunities to interact with key policymakers. Most activities took place at Dong-A University, where participants familiarized themselves with key Northeast Asian countries and focused on four thematic areas with respect to Northeast Asia: (1) Trade in Northeast Asia, (2) Energy and Environment Across Borders, (3) Demographic Issues of Aging and Policy, and (4) Cross-Border Infrastructure Development. Some participants also had the opportunity to give individual presentations of their own research. Outside of the University, field trips were made to the Kori Nuclear Power Plant and the Tongdosa temple. For many, the YLP experience was unlike any other and kindled a sense of camaraderie among people of many cultures and areas of expertise.

Download the final YLP agenda here.